Money Back Guarantee*

We are so confident of the quality of Muse that if you can find a better condo, we'd gladly give you a full refund or furnish your unit at our cost!

Best Resort Condo In Klang Valley

Muse by the Sky offers you a resort home where everyday feels like a vacation ! An address that is simply unmatchable by any other development in this category, be it in terms of extensiveness of the facilities,  quality of finishes and fittings or the quality of workmanship amongst condo within the same per square feet price. If there is, we will gladly refund or fully furnish your unit* at our cost for you. This is our confidence and commitment in providing you a home where you can completely immerse in its surroundings and be proud to show off to your family and friends!

From RM 745,184*


Residential Condo

Multi Gen Living


6 Tier Security

200m Above Sea Level

Over 30 Facilities

3 Ways To Seal The Deal

Rent To Own

Stay Now Pay Later at a fixed price! Save up to 10%* off current price.

Deferred up to 30%* of your unfinanced portion for up to 12 months*.

Buy Now Pay Later

*Terms & conditions apply.

Sure Deal

Only 70%* loan margin? Fret not, finance your 30%* with us.

Modern Facilities

1.      Lap pool
2.      Fun and wading pool

3.      Jacuzzi

4.      Tennis court

5.      Half basketball court

6.      Interactive playground

7.      Par course area

8.      Jogging track

9.      BBQ corner

10.    Gazebo

11.    Pavilion deck

12.    Reflexology path

13.    Yoga / Tai Chi port

14.    Gymnasium

15.    Indoor badminton court

16.    Function room

17.    Sky lounge

18.    Mini theatrette

19.    Explorer lab
20.    Mini chefs lab

21.    Reading lab

22.    Tatami deck

23.    Chat lounge

24.    Hammock corner

25.    Kid’s rehearsal corner

26.    Entertainment lounge 

27.    Informal dining

28.    Informal meeting 

29.    Gourmet dining

30.    Mini market

31     Dining lounge

32.    Formal lounge

33.    Brainstorm corner

34.    Garden lounge

35.    Meeting booth

Floor Plan

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*Terms & Conditions






As we have been working quietly over the last few years to bring you the best -in-class, this initiative is taken as a gesture of our confidence that the Muse is indeed the top in its class. With  this guarantee, we hope to give you the same confidence and to keep you happy.


If you find a better comparable condo in *Similar Category in terms of the following three conjunctive criteria and make a verifiable claim to us within 30 days of booking a Muse unit, we  will gladly give you a full refund or furnish your unit at our  cost.


     (a)  The quality, vastness and variety of facilities provided;

     (b)  The quality of finishes and fittings measured by the price of these finishes and fittings e.g. tiles, sanitary fittings, doors  and windows; and

     (c)   The quality of workmanship measured by Qlassic score (assessed by CIDB upon completion of the project)

      * “ Similar Category” means a condo which is within the same per square feet price (on nett basis with +/-3% variance) and of the same sizes ( with +/- 3% variance ).

The comparable condo must be completed and the information about it must be publicly available, viewable and verifiable at the time of verification. 


To make a claim, you must send us an official notification to within the stipulated 30 days together with evidence that the comparable condo is better in terms of the above stated three criteria.


The comparable condo must be sited within the states of Wilayah and Selangor.